Tuesday, October 27, 2015


He is someone. Whatever happen to me, either im happy or in trouble, he'll always be there for me. Pehh jiwang lah siut. Hahaha, no im serious. Dia this guy,tak pernah sedar pun how important he is in my life. He knows how to make me smile even actually aku ego aku suka tapi end up aku akan annoying kan dia. Haha my bad. I know im such a bad someone for him. Suka marah dia when actually behind all those texts im laughing sebab suka tengok respond dia yang tak tahu apa salah yang dia dah buat. Thats the way im trying to get his attention even i know it might hurt him. Entah, aku sendiri tak tahu kenapa aku layan dia macam tu. But he never complained anything about it. Tak pernah nak marah balik. Tak pernah nak try tinggalkan aku macam tu je. He's just too kind and too sweet for me. Well, dia tak tahu bila nama dia muncul dalam notification bar im the happiest person ever in the world because i know he is there. But i never show it. Hahaha. I love it when he calls me. Bila gaduh pun im hoping that he'll call me rather than give me times to cool down. Nope, i want you to be there even sometimes i'm ignoring your calls because of ego. But if you call once again, i might pick it up. Hahaha im so fragile you know! I always ask you to keep quiet when actually i like it you bebel bebel non stop, haha at least i dont need to say anything :P. So yah, everything i did obviously if you are a normal person, you might think that im actually hate you. No, im not. I love you so much aiman. Too much till i dont know how to show it properly. Yah, im gedik, clumsy, clingy girl. Hahaha and garang. But believe me, all i need is you. So forgive me because always makes you kecik hati and i wanna thank you for still be there even im acting like this. Hahaha. You are so special, baby. I love you <3

                                                                                                            yours sincerely,
                                                                                                           baby tiger yang gedik xoxo

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